The GREEN shelter for your calves

Ecological, economical and designed for the well-being of animals


1- Excellent ventilation and protection against drafts

2- Shelter without fence: 225x120xH140 cm weight 38 Kg

3- Shelter with fence: 380x130xH140 total weight 65Kg

Entirely made of recyclable technopolymer

Why choose Calfella?

Animal well-being

  • Excellent health and growth
  • Thermal insulation
  • The calf can socialize without contact
  • Total ergonomics and safety

Economic savings

  • Minimal mortality
  • Reduced use of antibiotics
  • Resistant to weathering and liquids
  • Easy to handle and move


  • 100% recyclable at the end of product life
  • Innovative ecological production process
  • Environmental camouflage effect (patented)
  • Product free of iron parts

Layout combinations

Simple installation

Calfella is the result of in-depth studies that have led to a product that is technologically advanced but simple to install with fastening and coupling systems made entirely of recyclable plastic. Its flipping system makes it easy to clean and move. What’s more, an accessory is available for total product lifting if the need arises.

Customise your shelter

To meet every type of demand, Calfella offers a wide range of optional accessories to choose according to customer needs. All accessories are entire made of recyclable plastic and designed for practical use and the calf’s well-being during the weeks of growth and development of the rumen.


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